Celebrating Generation Flair’s 1st Birthday

It’s officially been a year since Generation Flair began working to grow the sport of flair bartending for fans worldwide with this blog. And, what better day to celebrate than Mother’s Day?!

To commemorate this special milestone, we’re giving you a short review of our favorite GenF posts to date. We look forward to another year of continued growth and success. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your readership, support and time. Flair bartending fans ROCK!


Pouring 101: The Best Way to Decrease Alcohol Loss – Our most popular post to date, this article goes into detail about minimizing alcohol loss and saving money for a bar owner or manager. We all know that because flair bartenders practice and are regularly tested on their pouring skills at competitions, they are a step above non-flair bartenders in their ability to be a more valuable employee.

Meeting Oscar Perez: FlairLive TV’s Entrepreneur – One of our favorite interviews last year was with the owner and founder of FlairLive TV, Oscar Perez. His passion for the sport and his contribution in making flair more accessible to thousands around the world landed him the coveted FBA’s 2009 Trailblazer award. Keep it up, Oscar! We’re all cheering for the success of FlairLive TV!

Anatomy of a Flair Competition – One of our more lengthy posts and certainly more technical, this article gives the judging perspectives of the two most popular organizing bodies of flair competitions worldwide – the Flair Bartending Association (FBA) and the World Flair Association (WFA). This is a must-read for any flair bartending fan or new competitor!

Educating the Anti-Flair Bartending Customer – A fantastic article on common misconceptions about flair bartenders and the real facts behind why flair bartenders are gaining popularity in bars worldwide.

Flair Bartenders Actually Compete?! – If you have friends and family who are still uneducated about how big this sport really is, send this article to them. It’s a great testament to the sport and gives some real stats to how much money is at stake and a basic overview of how competitions work.

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Outlook for 2010: Growing Flair Bartending Worldwide

Not to get too sentimental on everyone, but we felt it was appropriate to start 2010 with a post on gratitude, friendship and love.

Gratitude for how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time with this blog and its goal to advocate flair bartending to the masses. We’ve been blessed with a wide network of amazing friendship that continues to grow, going as far to say that some people are so close to us now that we consider them family. Thank you for being you and for helping us promote and write about our passion for this sport. And lastly, recognize that flair bartending isn’t just a hobby to us. We absolutely love everything it has to offer our life: a well-paying job for Dan, traveling to excellent destinations, and an outlet Kacy uses for creativity and inspiring others to promote and enjoy flair as much as we do.

Generation Flair began because two people realized how unique and important this sport could be for fans everywhere. We saw the benefits flair bartending gave to professional bartenders, businesses, bar owners and the media. Using our marketing (Kacy) and bartending (Dan) backgrounds, we began connecting the dots.

Dan adds expertise, creativity (he named the blog after all) and support. Kacy’s writing, passion for growth and business acumen allow us to provide accurate content (hopefully free of spelling errors). And, together our skills in forming key relationships across organizations and businesses give you the most well-rounded content possible. With this recipe, we hopefully are giving you something you’ve never had before – a professional blog that connects the flair bartending scene directly to your reality through the convenience of your computer and/or mobile phone.

Accomplishments in 2009
We’re very proud of our beginnings and wanted to take a moment to highlight what we’ve accomplished for flair fans everywhere in 2009 so we can continue to create growth for flair bartending:

  • Generation Flair had its first post May 6, 2009. Since then, we’ve posted 20 articles giving you the best education, coverage and behind-the-scenes look into the world of flair bartending.
  • We launched a fan page on Facebook that has attracted nearly 1,000 loyal fans.
  • We learned a new form of social media and joined the Twitter craze. Although small, our 115 followers have given us invaluable feedback and ideas for new posts and conversations around flair.
  • We both created profile pages (Kacy’s & Dan’s) on Cocktail Shows, a unique flair bartending social networking site.
  • We worked hard to create strong alliances with popular organizations like the Flair Bartending Association (FBA) and the World Flair Association (WFA) to make sure our content was accurate and you were getting the broadest perspective of flair bartenders and competitions.
  • Our post Meeting Oscar Perez: FlairLive TV’s Entrepreneur allowed us to form a new friendship with a unique communication channel for flair fans everywhere. FlairLive TV is the first website of its kind in the U.S. to feature live, streaming coverage of flair bartending competitions for free. Thank you Oscar, Christian, Rodrigo and the entire staff of employees and volunteers at FlairLive TV for all you do for the sport of flair bartending! We look forward to watching more great content in 2010!
  • Kacy was asked to be a co-host at Quest 2009 (November) with Christian Delpech and Paul Nguyen on FlairLive TV’s coverage of the big event. We learned the event was viewed in 21 different countries and on over 1,600 unique computers…an estimated 3-15 people were watching from each computer. Because Generation Flair was mentioned throughout the broadcast, blog traffic spiked that evening and we gained even more fans as a result. View the recording HERE.
  • We realized flair began taking new avenues to grow in 2009. After our latest blog post and interview with Hayden “Woody” Wood, we saw an even larger potential flair bartending has for generating fans young and old.

Goals for 2010
We embrace many organizations, media outlets and individuals as long as they do their part to support and grow flair bartending in a professional manner. We understand that we can’t be the only ones creating a movement and it takes MANY people to bring about an awareness of flair bartending. That’s why we’ve developed the following goals for 2010 and beyond:

  1. Increase our overall fan base from the thousands to the tens of thousands through new promotions, media coverage and strategic alliances.
  2. Develop more posts on flair around the world. We want to give you more information and involvement in the flair bartending scene across Europe, Asia and South America where we know flair is growing at a rapid pace. This includes a certain amount of posts dedicated to features on flair bartenders, competitions and sponsors outside of the U.S.
  3. Create stronger alliances with international organizations like the Hellenic Barmen Association (HBA), International Bartender Associaion (IBA) and others. This will help us grow a broader fan base and hopefully expand our efforts into new countries with the help of a larger group of experts and flair competition organizers.
  4. Develop a specific look and brand for Generation Flair. We have a logo, but we can’t stop there. We invite any and all graphic designers, advertising specialists or brand experts to help us create a new look for the blog that you’ll be proud to represent. This will be created with your help and feedback.

Thanks to All Flair Bartending Fans Everywhere
Your enthusiasm, passion and interest in this sport have given us even more motivation to keep bringing you the best of flair bartending in 2010. Without you, flair bartending wouldn’t be as exciting and popular as it is today. Help us continue our mission and achieve the above goals by participating on the social networks here and here, adding comments to the blog posts and e-mailing us with your suggestions.

So let’s raise our glasses and toast: Here’s to a bright future for flair bartending and all it has to offer you, its loyal friends, family and fans…cheers to a great 2010!

Economy’s Impact on Flair Bartending Competitions

Sponsor photoIf you haven’t been affected by the economy (either directly or know someone who has), it’s likely you’re living in a very remote location. Dan & I have seen some negative things happen to some of our closest friends this past year.

It seems as though everywhere you turn, there’s bad news. Several major flair bartending competitions have been canceled. Bar sales are down. Companies have announced large-scale layoffs. And, major flair cities like Vegas and Orlando are seeing some of the worst home foreclosure rates in the country. One of our  friends’ home value plummeted so much that it would cost them money if they sold their Las Vegas home.

These issues not only take a direct effect on our personal lives, but also professionally, which is why we chose to address the topic in today’s post.

Has the economy diminished flair competition sponsorship money?
According to a recent article from Reuters, the sports industry’s sponsorship spending growth rate is projected to have the smallest increase in 2009 (when last year it was almost double the next-closest category).

Granted this research is focused primarily on mainstream sports like the NBA, MLB, NFL and Nascar. However, flair bartending sponsorships would fall within this category as well. So how has the economy affected competitions, bartenders and flair in general?

We talked with several flair bartending competitors and organizers to find out.

Mike McLean“There has always been a concern about getting sponsorship and support of flair competitions, not just this year,” said Mike McLean, Director of Sales and Marketing for Flairco and Vice President of the FBA. “There were several high profile events canceled this year, but others were able to make it through. I’m hoping that the global economy bounces back in 2010 and we can potentially go after some new sponsors, maybe even mainstream lifestyle brands, to inject life back into the competitive

Colin Griffiths, professional flair bartender and event organizer in Las Vegas was more direct. “The state of the economy has effected flair because sponsor companies are under more pressure to justify results for the money they contribute,” he said. “This combined with their pressure to meet their own sales goals makes it harder to find those willing to support our sport.”

The recession, although affecting everyone, is primarily a U.S. symptom. We were curious if the economic ails traveled across the Atlantic to our flair friends in Europe.

Tom DyerTom Dyer, professional flair bartender in London and key organizer with the World Flair Association, said he didn’t really have any concerns about flair competitions not happening due to lack of sponsorship money. “No concerns at all,” he said. “I actually think this is a good thing for flair. Flair is growing so fast that it needs a break.”

Dyer went on to point out that life balance is a good thing and that with so many competitions happening all the time there’s not a lot of time for everything like getting enough practice in on top of a full-time bartending job and a regular life.

“We had very few comps canceled due to the credit crunch and instead saw a lot of new independent comps mushrooming all over the place which is great,” said Tug van den Bergh, professional judge and founding member of the World Flair Association. “Bartenders in Europe are still willing to travel to flair competitions for little money, which is helping to keep our scene very much alive!!”

To further amplify the positive sentiments from the European flair community, Christian Delpech did a recent FlairLive TV interview with Finest Call’s European Sales Representative Bob Jones. Jones reported that as a company, Finest Call is actually spending more on sales and marketing this year than they did last year. He went on to describe his gratitude, knowing that not all companies are in a position to increase spending during these tough times. Although Finest Call is the number one mixer in the U.S., their interest in deepening the brand in Europe is evident.

Griffiths was right. Companies will foot the sponsorship bill when it is justifiable to their corporate goals, no matter the state of the economy. Finest Call is one of the largest flair bartending supporters and has been for many years. They understand that to increase sales of their product they go to those who are the “cheerleaders” or pushers of that product…flair bartenders.

As long as flair organizers, bartenders and supporters understand the connection to corporate goals, approaching potential sponsors for flair competitions is still a viable funding avenue. This isn’t to infer sponsorships will be easy to secure. As McLean stated, 2010 is a new year, and new sponsorship avenues will need to be considered. Overall, though, expectations are positive when looking at the future of flair bartending. With its international presence, mass following and current sponsor support, flair bartending can only grow from here.

Mixing Flair Bartending and Social Networking

social-networkingFlair bartending is known and well represented throughout the world, however getting together usually means traveling to a competition. Depending on where you’re located, this can get expensive and time consuming. So, the one place everyone connects on a regular basis is online.

Below we outline some of the best social networking sites to interact with flair bartenders, meet other fans, watch flair videos and learn more about this exciting sport.

Cocktail Shows
Started by Levent Yilmaz in 2004, this site was originally for flair bartenders to share videos (like YouTube). This favorite bookmark has now expanded into an amazingly robust social networking site for anyone interested in flair bartending. The new and improved site offers features similar to Facebook and MySpace: status updates, top user system, groups, videos, photo albums, user profiles, private messages and more. The upgrade is still pretty new, so users are sparse at the moment. However, we fully expect this new site to grow exponentially.

If you’re online, it’s likely you’re already a member of either Facebook, MySpace or both. However, you may not know where to find the “flair scene.” Once you find a few of the groups below you can begin to connect with each of its members individually. There are plenty more, but these are the most popular as of today…

Flair Bartending Association (FBA) – If you also visit the FBA’s official site, you can become a member (free) and visit/read the forums where thousands of bartenders communicate about competitions, events and all things flair.

World Flair Association (WFA)

International Bartender Association (IBA)

FlairLive TV – a company whose interests lie in promoting flair bartending. This company has been created by three former flair bartender world champions – Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, and Oscar Perez.

Hellenic Barmen Association (HBA) – Nonprofit union of bartenders in Greece. The Official Group of the Hellenic Barmen Association in Greece. See also the Hellenic Flair Bartender’s Association.

Competitive Bartender Federation (CBF) –  This group’s mission: To raise awareness for all competitions while trying to create and promote as many competitions as possible.

Bartenders Association of Puerto Rico (B.W.M.A.) – Official Facebook Group page of the Bartender, Waiter & Maitre’d Association Of Puerto Rico.

Mastah Dubai Bartender’s Association – The brain child of a group of influential flair bartenders within the region, Mastah aims to provide a forum of communication to the U.A.E.’s bartending community as well as training opportunity to all within the profession irrelevant of their nationality, age, gender or religious affiliation.

The Flair (Flair Bartending and Competitions) – A Bartending Group to discuss Flair Bartending, Competition Bartending, Promote Bar Events or Flair Bartending Events.

Flair Bartender List – An exclusive directory of flair bartenders worldwide.

Stars of the Bars – Showcasing the Greatest Bartenders on the Planet! International bartender and model search.

Simply do a search for your favorite flair bartender – Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, Dario Doimo, Danilo Oribe, Gianluigi Bosco, Tom Dyer, Levent Yilmaz, Marek Posluszny, Tomek Malek, etc…and you’ll find a treasure trove of videos to peruse.

Once you get involved with the competitive flair network, you’ll learn quickly that this is one large family of great people. Our friend, Tom Dyer also mentioned something important about the growth of the sport, “Flair is growing so fast (mainly thanks to the internet), that soon you’ll be seeing a lot more bartenders flair with 5, 6 and 7 objects without problem!”

We agree. So, get online and join one or all of the sites mentioned above…flair fans around the world are waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Flair Bartending DVD Review: “Area 51”

area51If you’re not able to attend a competition, another way you can support flair bartending  is by watching flair DVDs. As part of our mission to educate the masses, we’ll be doing a monthly review of some of the best flair bartending DVDs available.

Most flair bartending DVDs are instructional or competition related. For our first monthly DVD review, we’re featuring a savory production that anyone will enjoy. “Area 51” not only showcases flair bartending at its finest, it gives a real look into the lives of six well-known flair bartenders in Las Vegas: Vache Manoukian, Dario Doimo, Tom Alley, Justin Keane, Behnam Gerami and Vladymyr Buryanov.

Area 51 DVD Trailer / Running time: 103 minutes

A Little Background
The Area 51 team began at the Legends 8 competition as Behnam, Vache, Tom and Justin. Since then, the group has grown to include Vladymyr and Dario who both moved to Las Vegas for (what else?!) flair.

Steve Rad, director, is most well known in the flair world for his work with Christian Delpech’s Working Flair Training Series. However, Rad’s company Infiltration Pictures has a little more history behind it. A graduate of Chapman University, with a BFA in Film/TV (emphasis in writing and directing), Rad won the “Marion Knott” award for Creative Direction in 2002. From twisted thrillers like “Exit Interview,” to mafia-based action films like “Loaded,” his raw and uncensored writing style has brought him to the forefront of screenwriters. Rad is currently working on the feature film “Guys,” that is scheduled to release sometime in 2010, a raw and untold story of how “guys really are.”

Rad’s passion for film definitely comes through in “Area 51” by giving these flair bartenders their much deserved spotlight. We can only imagine how entertaining it must have been to spend this amount of time shooting the best flair bartenders in Las Vegas.

Overall, the DVD is organized into chapters by bartender. Each has his own segment of “at work,” “at home,” and “in the garage.” We won’t go into a ton of detail with this review and spoil all the secrets…instead, we’ll give you some highlights:

  • Vache showing off his $1,000 Valentino wallet and Barley the dog’s flair trick
  • Dario, the loveable Italian, only says one word on the entire DVD: “Ciao!” However, his flair speaks for itself.
  • Tom Alley’s personal putting green and his Madden cover story. His advice: “Don’t be on the cover!”
  • Justin Keane shows off his wine collection, “non-plasma” TV and the 15 other “ballerific” items in his house
  • Behnam’s commissioned artwork was neat, but we really loved the 12 name drops. He even sneaks in Kobe Bryant due to his fanaticism for the Lakers.
  • The vast array of trophies Vladymyr and Terri share is quite amazing. We’re disappointed Terri didn’t make the DVD, but Vlad certainly held his own in the garage.

Special Features
Select the “Pure Flair” option to play a looped video of only flair moves, rotating seamlessly from bartender to bartender. This might be especially useful for bars and/or featuring in the background at your next party!

What DVD is complete unless it has a bloopers reel? “Area 51” doesn’t disappoint. Our favorite “Gag Reel” moment was during Tom Alley’s Cribs feature when an unmentionable video was playing on his “really big plasma” TV. We also liked Vladymyr’s first explanation of his kitchen….probably just a language barrier, being pure Ukranian and all. 🙂

Finally, the original teaser and trailer are also options on the Special Features menu…just in case you missed them before purchasing this unique montage.

How to Get It
To purchase the “Area 51” DVD, visit www.barproducts.com. They’re a huge supporter of flair bartending, so tell them we said “hi.” And, after watching, we encourage you to come back and post your feedback in the comments section.

What It’s Like Being Married to a Flair Bartender


Being the wife of a competitive flair bartender, I’m asked all kinds of questions once the subject of his career comes up in conversation. From “Do you travel with him to his competitions?” to “What is it like having opposite schedules…how do you spend quality time together?” and even, “How do you deal with all the women hitting on your husband while he’s at work?”

So I’d like to shed a little light on the subject. Hopefully, whether you’re a guy or a gal, today’s post will give you some insight into what it’s really like being married to a competitive flair bartender.

Competition & Travel
The first year Dan competed in national competitions, I went with him on every trip. I felt it was important that I fully supported his decision to grow professionally as a flair bartender. And truthfully, I wanted to know how this whole sport worked.

What I learned first was how accepting and amazing the people are in this industry. We now lovingly refer to all of them as our ever-growing “flair family.” After several years of him attending competitions, we can honestly say that we have a friend or at least a flair acquaintance in pretty much any place we’d ever want to travel around the world.

Most competitions are not held on weekends because this is when most bartenders make their money. Therefore, traveling to every competition soon became impractical due to financial and vacation-time constraints for me. I try to attend at least one major competition each year. When time and money allow, I go to more.

The main thing that comes along with competing is practice, practice and more practice. Dan is thankful to work at a place that encourages flair, and therefore, does a lot of his repetition practice at work. However, practicing for a competition requires extra time due to the specific (and different) rules for each comp. It’s not unusual during the month of a big competition that Dan is in the garage flairing at 5:00am after he gets home from work. He will also wake up early during the day (while I’m at work) to do a lot of the more difficult moves that may result in a large amount of noise like glass breaking or tins dropping.

Opposite Schedules
I won’t lie, the scheduling issue is a challenge sometimes. I have a day job and he works nights and weekends. When Dan is coming home from work (usually around 5:00 or 6:00am) I’m just getting up, ready to start my day. And, when I get home from work (6:00-7:00pm), he’s getting ready to leave and start his shift at the bar. Granted, this doesn’t happen every day of the week, but it is a regular occurrence. We also don’t normally have weekend time together like most couples.

Obviously this schedule isn’t for everyone. We, however, actually enjoy it. Both of us are pretty independent and require certain amounts of time alone to recharge and regroup to be creative and productive. Because our schedules allow us this time, we each maintain a wide network of friends and a diverse set of hobbies that we may not have if we felt we had to always “ask permission” to do these things.

Most importantly when we do spend time together, it’s definitely quality time. We don’t normally watch TV or count being in a room doing separate things as “real time together.” We plan fun, exciting days and always look for things we haven’t done. We travel, visit family, see a new Broadway show, explore a local neighborhood, etc. No matter what it is, though, we make sure that we both are still growing and learning from each other.
And, even though kids haven’t entered into our equation just yet, we know that with this philosophy our relationship will continue to work no matter how crazy the schedule becomes.

“Flirty” Girls (or Guys) at Work
No matter which flair bartender you’re dating or married to, the issue of flirtation is always going to present itself in the relationship. I’m not sure what specifically it is, but there’s something about flair bartenders. You could be a completely unattractive person and someone will find you exciting as soon as you step behind that piece of mahogany and toss a bottle. I fell for it, just like many other people, and have learned a few things about “how to deal” with the flirty girls.

First, I’m not a jealous person normally. So, girls who flirt with my husband on a regular basis don’t really bother me. They didn’t get under my skin even before we were in a committed relationship. I think most of this attitude comes from me being secure with myself. My thought: “Hey, if he finds someone better than me, then I’m sure I can find someone better than him.”

Second, Dan and I have a very strong relationship that consists of a lot of communication. I trust him completely and he’s never given me a reason not to do so. He doesn’t take girls’ phone numbers when they offer them. He always states that he’s married when a girl presses for further contact like asking when his shift ends. And, he doesn’t really flirt all that much when he’s not at work.

Finally, this is a job. He’s employed because he’s an entertainer and exceptional people person. So I actually think of flirting in this instance as a valuable job skill. He doesn’t stop flirting when I’m present at the bar, but I know he’s working for tips. And when that girl puts another $5 on the bar, I remember that it’s coming to our house. This is business.

Overall, It’s Worth It
I can’t think of anything more rewarding than watching my husband exhibit his passion for this sport. His never-ending dedication to improvement for himself and others is inspiring. And, I can’t describe the feeling I have when he’s on that competitive stage, flairing his heart out and earns a new trophy after all his hard work pays off.

The past several years have been awesome. I’ve watched him grow into a better competitor and overall person from this sport. Marriage to a flair bartender isn’t always easy, but overall it’s definitely worth it. This works for us.

Flair Bartending in the Media: From the Food Network to Jimmy Buffet


Although the movie Cocktail is a dirty word within the world of flair bartending, it gave this underground sport a jump start into the mainstream consciousness. One of our goals with Generation Flair is to continue that momentum by exposing more of this sport to the media. Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate to list a few of the exceptional pieces done by major networks, and TV shows to give you an idea of the strides that have already been made for this ever-growing, international sport.

Food Network Features Flair Bartending
The Food Network has been a big supporter by featuring several specials about flair bartending.

Special “World Bartender Championships,” – Legends VI, Las Vegas (2004)
(To view this video, you must become a member of the FBA, but it’s free. Once you’re a member, select “Flair on TV” and follow the links.)

Special “World Bartending Championships” – Legends VII, Las Vegas (2005)
(To view this video, you must become a member of the FBA, but it’s free. Once you’re a member, select “Flair on TV” and follow the links.)

“Throwdown with Bobby Flay” Bobby vs. Toby Ellis, Las Vegas (2006)
(To view this video, you must become a member of the FBA, but it’s free. Once you’re a member, select “Flair on TV” and follow the links.)

Bartending Battle (2006)
This challenge took six amazing bartenders out of the bar and put them on the beach. South Beach, that is. This show highlighted the best of bartending–the best recipes, the fastest pours and the most incredible routines. Bartenders flipped, twirled, poured and spun their way to $10,000. Winner: Christian Delpech.

Rachel Ray Show Features Dave Simpson and Michah Dew (2007)
Although she starts off with the Cocktail reference (sigh), this is an excellent piece and gained some new exposure for the Canadian bartenders with “Extreme Bartending.”

Glutton for Punishment – Flair Bartending (2007)
Who can forget Bob Blummer with the TV show Glutton for Punishment? Dan & I were at Nations 2006 when he showed up to film part of this episode. Toby Ellis taught him a basic routine and he performed it in front of the same judges all amateur competitors had that day. No video yet on this one, but there’s a small write-up.

Travel Channel Goes Flair Crazy
Special “Battle of the Bartenders,” Orlando (2002)
(To view this video, you must become a member of the FBA, but it’s free. Once you’re a member, select “Flair on TV” and follow the links.)

Levi Donaldson was the first to perform flair on ESPN for the morning show “Cold Pizza” (2003). We hope the exposure with ESPN will increase greatly in the near future…after all the National Spelling Bee and World Poker Series are currently in their lineup!

Other TV Shows With Flair
How I Met Your Mother – “Three Days of Snow” – Barney & Ted take over McLaren’s Bar and do an amateur spoof of Cocktail – doing their best to juggle a few tins and bottles.

We’re also told a flair bartender was one of the supporting characters in a CSI-type show a year or two ago. If you have more information on this, please forward it on and we’ll update this part of the post!

Flair Bartending TV Commercials
Abbey Clancy Lynx Campaign featuring Jay du Toit (2009) – Watch as Jay uses flair to sell something other than alcohol…men’s deoderant!

Hellman’s Mayonnaise “Squeezy Skills” Campaign featuring Neil Garner and Neil Lowry from BarWizards – (Click on the “Hellman’s link just below the video screen) – The two Neil’s get flair crazy with mayo. These guys also made the finals on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007.

Flair Bartenders in Music Video
Five O’Clock Somewhere
Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet take us to one of their favorite beach hangouts in this video where flair bartenders are busy entertaining and mixing the drinks!

While all of the media described above is mainly in the U.S., plenty of international coverage has also been done. If you’re a reporter, broadcaster or journalist, interested in doing a flair bartending piece, please contact us. We’ll put you in touch with professional flair bartenders experienced in doing media interviews.

We also realize the list above is quite short, so if you have additional links you’d like to post, we welcome those in the comment section. Here’s to building the fan base for flair bartending!