The GenF Mission
Advocating flair bartending to the masses.

Who This Blog is For
Flair Fans, Media, Family & Friends – You’re here to learn more about flair from a safe distance. Maybe you just went to your first competition or heard about this “flair thing” from a friend. We want flair to be the next up and coming sport featured on all major networks. We’re already world-wide! So…ESPN, Food Network & Travel Channel: Give us a call if you’d like a full-time show that features the most exciting, entertaining and competitive bartenders in the world!

Bartenders – those who flair and those who are interested in learning and/or competing. These are our stars. Who’s your favorite flair bartender?!

Bar / Restaurant Owners
– Owners & managers interested in lowering alcohol loss, training staff to be more efficient and adding entertainment to improve revenue.

Who We Are
Dan and Kacy SeitzDan & Kacy Seitz – A passionate marketing professional meets a competitive flair bartender and all of a sudden a new idea is born. Dan first took Kacy to a flair bartending competition in 2006. Her world was turned upside down as this former entertainment marketing professional watched in amazement while each bartender took the stage and competed for thousands of dollars in prize money. Her response on the plane home was: “We need to get this out to the general population…it’s far too exciting and amazing to be an underground sport. Let’s blow the top off this thing and get these guys on ESPN!” Dan agreed, and with nearly a year or so in development, Generation Flair was born!

Since then, Dan has competed for many years all over the country, expanding their “flair family” to hundreds, even thousands of friends. His network has helped support the interviews, contacts and research necessary to launch the Generation Flair blog. While Dan spends his time competing and working as the head bartender at Angel’s Rock Bar in Kansas City’s Power & Light District, Kacy works full-time as a marketing professional. During their free time, they both market, develop and write content for the site.


4 Responses

  1. Kacy and Dan Seitz your blog rocks!! Been going through the site and WE are most definitely on the same page……let the good times begin in the name of flair….Kacy…will reply to your questionare on Facebook swift as can be. Good questions I say!! Anything else you dudes need please mail me at tug@worldflairassociation.com or skype:tugsta.

    Happy days my friends and hopefully we get to catch up soon. Rolling in the name of bottle chucking……

    my child…

  2. Thanks, Tug! Really appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

  3. I had no idea!! But of course. Flair bartending is a sport of balance, juggling, poise, and measurement – I want to see a competition!

    Good blog you two!


    • Thanks, Steph! Would love for you and Sam to come to a competition someday. Next time the opportunity presents itself, I’ll let you know! Dan is working on throwing some comps this summer in KC…so we’ll keep you posted.

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