So You Want to Open a Flair Bar…

large bar crowdThis is a must read for bar owners, managers or investors thinking about opening a flair bar. It’s also for those of you thinking about incorporating full-time flair bartenders into an existing establishment.

Opening a Flair Bar
The beauty of opening a flair bar is that it can be in almost any type of establishment you’d like. Maybe you’re a sports fanatic wanting to own a sports bar, or an upscale businessperson wanting to own a martini lounge…or even a rock star hungry for a heavy metal dive. Flair bartending can incorporate easily into each of these concepts. It’s a flexible avenue for entertainment and fits in with most any style.

The normal requirements for opening a bar, of course, include things like a business plan, financing, a build-out, and marketing. There are a few additional items to consider before adding flair bartending to your concept.

Things to Consider For A New Flair Bar:

  • Bar Staff – The most obvious difference between a regular bar and a flair bar are the bartenders. Although you could hire local bartenders and train them on some aspects of flair, it’s really best to hire professional flair bartenders. It takes many years to develop the level of entertainment and interaction flair bartenders offer, so if you want to open right (and start off with high sales), use the best talent. You can locate flair bartenders in your area by contacting us or checking into one of the flair organizations (listed on the left) for help.
  • Bar Setup – Space behind the bar definitely needs consideration. A flair bartender usually needs more space than your average bartender. Because flair usually entails juggling, tossing and catching items, height and width behind a bar are important. Ultimately, a good flair bartender can flair anywhere, but adequate space for the more complicated moves may be required.
  • Atmosphere – While flair bartending is flexible, it’s important to know that establishments like fine dining or jazz clubs may be too low key for flair to work well.  A little bit of flair can work everywhere, but there’s a difference between a little bit and a full-time flair bar. Imagine what your guests will want and cater every aspect of your bar/restaurant to this.

Incorporating Flair Bartenders Into an Existing Bar
Let’s assume you already own or manage a successful bar. And, you want to up the stakes a little by adding some flair bartenders because you know this improves alcohol sales, differentiates you from the competition and keeps customers coming back.

Things to Consider For an Existing Bar:

  • Costs – Generally flair bartenders may require more base pay than your average bartender simply because they are skilled at their profession. They work hard and perform consistently well, therefore, be prepared to pay them for this advantage. It will be worth your extra cost, because the additional dollars they bring in and the new client loyalty they provide will usually offset this investment.
  • Hiring Flair Bartenders – While flair bartenders exist all over the world, it may be tough to recruit them if you are in a more rural area. Generally, they like to work in metro markets or places where tourism is high. Truthfully, it’s because they are able to make more money where opportunity is bigger and where clientele turnover can constantly be refreshed. If you’re in a rural area and are still committed to adding flair bartending, be prepared for a lengthy hiring timeline as it may take longer to find the right flair bartenders to move to your location.
  • Inventory – The last thing to consider is your inventory. Flair bartenders use 750 ml bottles in most cases. While you may be able to get better pricing on volume purchases with liters, flair bartending will sell more alcohol to hopefully offset this cost. Consider also the space for displaying this alcohol. Whether your back bar showcases these bottles or you have special shelving, you’ll have more room to display more bottles if you use 750s versus liters.

No matter what situation you’re in, flair bartending is a valuable option for your bar. It improves sales, creates an exciting form of entertainment and increases customer loyalty for your bar or restaurant.


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  1. Which city from the following is the best choice to launch a massive bartending shop with emphasis in Flairtending:

    Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Prague or London?


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