Our Favorite Flair Bartending Websites

Doing a search on Google for “flair” or “flair bartending” can bring you a variety of link results. We get a lot of questions like:

“Which sites are best to view if you’re new to flair bartending?”
“Who should I contact if I’m interested in learning more about the sport?”
“Where do most of the competitive flair bartenders hang out online or where do they go to get advice, tips and inspiration?”

With this list, we hope to give you a good summary that might help guide you in the general direction of where to start. By no means is this a complete list, and feel free to e-mail or comment on any we’ve forgotten or not represented.

Flair Bartending Association

Flair Bartending Association

Flair Bartending Association (FBA) – With the slogan, “Service First | Flair Second | Competition Always” the FBA was created in 1997 by a small group of extremely passionate and talented bartenders who decided to work together to organize and unite the 800 various competitions throughout the world. With that effort the Flair Bartenders’ Association (FBA) was born and immediately became the fastest growing global membership association in the industry. Since then, the FBA has grown to become the largest and most respected flair-based organization in the world. The FBA is the global sanctioning body and the undisputed authority on the sport of flair bartending. The site is free to join, although premium membership gets you certain perks and upgrades. The FBA forums are a great place to go to learn about the upcoming flair competitions, who’s hiring flair bartenders and general chatter/banter between the guys and gals behind this sport.

World Flair Association

World Flair Association

World Flair Association (WFA) – This a complementary association focusing more on the European scene and promoting the global network of flair bartending. It was created in 2008 by four high-profile flair bartenders, who felt there was a need in promoting & assisting different countries in their events by sharing their combined experiences gained by being heavily involved within flair bartending. Whether in competition, exhibition or behind the bar the WFA prides itself in the sharing of knowledge, good times and providing the platform for modern ethical performance bartending and event organization. Since it’s launch, the WFA has seen unprecedented success by linking like-minded individuals throughout the world using the same passion and drive for the sport, or art of flair, as they call it.

FlairLive TV

FlairLive TV – a company whose interests lie in promoting flair bartending to the masses, with live, streaming coverage of competitors and events online. This company has been created by three former flair bartender world champions – Christian Delpech, Rodrigo Delpech, and Oscar Perez. Our two companies have been known to work together on broadcasts at competitions, so keep an eye out for a GenF spokesperson at their next event!

FlairbarcoverFlairbar – While not published as consistently as it used to be, Flairbar is still the best online publication that competitive flair bartenders use to stay in tune with the industry and other competitors. Normally a monthly e-zine, Flairbar features a different flair bartender or group of flairbartenders on the virtual cover.

Cocktail Shows – Originally a flair bartending video site, this is now a new and improved social networking site for flair bartenders and fans alike.

Roadhouse – A successful nightclub in London’s West End, “Roadhouse” began as a single competition, but has expanded to be sort of like Europe’s World Series of Flair Bartending. This is the official website where you can view the forums, download videos from previous Roadhouse comps and view current standings.

youtubeYouTube – a wide variety of flair bartending videos exist featuring well-known (and not-so-well-known) flair bartenders. Check out the extensive library by searching for simple terms like, “flair bartending,” “Legends of Flair Bartending,” “Roadhouse Flair,” “tandem flair bartending,” or any flair bartender’s name who has competed in the recent past.

FlaircoFlairco – The company who invented the indestructible practice bottles flair bartenders use to train. Flairco is also well-known for the Flairco bar, the portable bar that is used at nearly every competition around the world. If you’re interested in getting started, they also offer several training DVDs and products you can use if you’re just dipping your toe into this sport.


Facebook / Twitter / MySpace – a variety of fan pages and groups exist. Most of the above mentioned are on all major social networking sites.

The best advice we can give, though, whether you’re a bartender, a bar owner or a general fan interested in learning more is to attend a competition. You will become connected to the large network of people who keep flair bartending going each year. But the best part is, you’ll get to watch and possibly meet each of the competitive flair bartenders. You can then decide which bartender’s style you enjoy the most and become an official flair fanatic!


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